Console Repairs

Playstation Repairs

We offer very competitive rates on Playstation Repairs specialising in the widespread Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) which is caused by overheating and is very common in the earlier models. Our repairs involve reflowing the motherboard, applying high quality thermal paste to both the Cpu and Gpu and applying flux to the motherboard to prevent the problem from re-occuring.

Another very common issue with Playstation 3 is failure of the Blu Ray Drive. The first sign usually involves games slowing down while loading before the drive gives up reading blu ray's, sometimes the drive will still read DVD's. There are many different versions of laser used in the blu ray drive manufacture some single lens and more recent ones dual lens so it can be tricky to find replacements from reliable sources. We will source and install the lens for you.

Xbox Repairs

Usually the most common problem encountered with the Xbox 360 is the Red Ring of Death (RRoD) which is also caused mainly by overheating although Microsoft were more forthcoming in accepting responsibility than their counterparts at Sony and extended the warranty on models that were possibly affected. The first thing to do is check with Microsoft to see if the warranty has been extended on your model. If not we can reflow the motherboard, apply quality thermal paste to the cpu and gpu and apply flux to the motherboard. We also replace the X-clamps with bolts to ensure a much better contact between the heatsink and the processors to significanly reduce the chances of the issue re-occuring.

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